About SBPT Tech

SBPT manufactures Flexible Conventional type Couplings which is vital part of Mechanical power Transmission system. Unfortunately some consider it hardware only. It hardly cost 1% of the total system cost, and yet it can cause severe financial losses when improperly designed / selected or operated.

SBPT Standard Products

  • Highly Flexible Diaphragm Coupling (Similar to VAULKAN GERMANY, EZS/EZR)
  • Import substitute Rubber Elastic Ring for ELEPEX Coupling Model ENG / ENGS 320, 375, 430, 500, 690, 840 & 970
  • Import substitute SWN/SWS Pin Bush Coupling Equivalent to RWN/RWS Coupling and Spare Bush & Pin including limited end Float type
  • Resilient Coupling Equivalent to WELLMAN-BIBBY, GBM
  • Pin Bush Coupling Equivalent to FENNER, GBM, WELLMAN
  • Gear Coupling Equivalent to GBM, FENNER, CONCORD, ELECON etc
  • TORSION Shaft & TORSION Shaft Couplings – Tailor made – for BALL Mill & SAG Mill
  • Bearing Housing (Large Sizes -Tailor made.)

Equivalent Couplings Indigenously Developed

  • Equivalent to FALK Coupling (Resilient)
  • Equivalent to MAAG Toothed Gear Coupling, ZEXF 7J/8J/9J etc
  • Equivalent to Kop-flex Gear Coupling
  • Equivalent to ZAPEX (ZWN/ZWS) Gear Coupling
  • Equivalent to OKC & OKF Coupling / Keyless Coupling – for Marine
  • Equivalent to N-EUPEX “H” Type – A/B Design Coupling
  • Equivalent to LCD 352 Coupling – For Compressor
  • Equivalent to VULASTIK – L Series – for Compressor
  • Equivalent to ARCUSAFLEX – REICH for Compressor
  • Equivalent to STROMAG (VN/VA) – for Compressor